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Why I Love Being Alone: No Relationship, No Problem

Insight Online News / By Rhia Nichols

By Curtty Liine.

My roommate got a text message about me from one of our common male acquaintances a few weeks ago. Is it worthwhile to give it a shot? or Do you think I have a chance with her? were some of his regular this-is-about-to-get-awkward inquiries.

As I hoped that she would give him the response I was expecting to hear, well, she did, and my heart began to race. She informed him that I preferred being single and had no interest in dating.

She got it right.

I like my alone time. I feel entire and raw after it.

When I’m alone myself, I experience emotions and levels of cognition I didn’t realize I was capable of.

When plans are canceled, I may be almost intentionally pleased since I won’t have to interact with anybody.

I prefer to spend the weekend alone writing than going out with friends.

Instead of being at a dimly lit pub, I would rather be in my dimly lit room with my five burning candles and plugged-in white string lights. I prefer listening to the soothing humming sound of my Buddha waterfall on my corner side table over the ranting of inebriated folks.

I fear that I could be in love with being by myself.

I’m not a fan of dates. I feel that the stereotypically awkward dinner date makes it tough to get to know someone. On the weekends, hooking up doesn’t really interest me. I would want to sleep in my own bed and experience a solo awakening.

I’d prefer not to engage in small conversation with someone who isn’t really interested in developing our “relationship” any further.

I’m not interested in wasting my time getting to know someone. I like being alone myself.

Having said that, I haven’t abandoned the notion of love. Simply said, I don’t desire it for myself at this time.

I want to want someone, love someone, and wish to know someone. I adore the concept of love.

I adore my pals who are content with their relationships and share adorable photographs that make you want to puke.

For those who have genuinely, truly discovered their soul mates, my heart is filled with joy. the individuals who have discovered someone who, when they see them, causes their hearts to race.

I adore those connections. For whatever reason, I don’t enjoy it. At least not yet.

I need to mature too much on my own terms. I’m still trying to discover who I am. I want to explore the globe while also writing in secluded tiny coffee shops.

I want to have a few alternatives. I don’t want to attempt to make someone who doesn’t love me love me because it is not true love. Love ought to be simple, enjoyable, and the nicest sensation in the world.

I’m going to cherish the time I have to myself until that moment arrives. Before I grow with someone else, I’m going to treasure the time I have to be alone with my ideas and develop myself.

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