BJP mocks INDIA bloc in satirical ad, video draws many eyeballs on social media

New Delhi, March 30 : The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on Saturday released a fresh advertisement, mocking and deriding the INDIA bloc for their “incompetency and inefficiency” despite being a rainbow alliance of multiple parties.

The advertisement, released on social media platform X, paints the INDIA bloc as a comically incompetent alliance as it brags about many tall promises but fails to get anything implemented on the ground.

The over 2-minute video has found huge traction on social media and is eliciting many comments and responses from netizens. Within hours of release, the video has garnered more than 6 lakh views and has drawn close to 2,000 responses.

Sharing the video from its X handle, the BJP wrote, “Inka sab kaam adhura lekin naara… ho jaayega (all their promises remain incomplete but the slogan is… all will be done).”

The video comes as part of the series of advertisements put up by the BJP to train guns at the Congress-led INDIA bloc. Days ago, another satirical video on “Who is the bridegroom?” drew many eyeballs. The video was centred around a bride looking for a suitable bridegroom.

It showed many candidates vying for the bride’s attention but eventually, none fit the bill.

Notably, the ‘advertisement war’ has lighted up the social media space as both BJP and Congress are releasing caricatured videos as part of their political onslaught against each other while trying to mobilize support by “exposing” the rival’s shortcomings.

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