Congress lambasts BJP govt for imposing GST on flour, rice, milk, dairy food items

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Dharamshala, July 20 : For the first time in independent India, by imposing GST on flour, rice, milk and dairy food items, the government of the ruling BJP and their allies at the Centre has broken the back of the middle and low-living families of the country by giving them a big blow of inflation.

Spokesperson of District Kangra Congress Committee, Sapan Sood expressed anger in a press conference at Dehra Gopipur on Wednesday.

He said this decision of the government of Prime Minister Narendra Modi has revived the terror of the dark days of the British rule.

He said due to the extortion policy of the Central government, people of the country are being forced to live like slaves by bringing the milk of young children under the dark ambit of GST, the Modi government has hatched a conspiracy to push the future generation of the country towards malnutrition.

Congress spokesperson Sapan Sood further said that the BJP coalition government at the Center has left behind even the white Britishers to collect taxes forcibly. Span Sood alleging that the economic policies of the government, which have failed to curb the wild rise in the prices of items of daily use of the common people, have brought the country’s economy to the brink of ruin.

He said the falling rupee value in the international market has drawn a line of concern on the forehead of citizens of the country.

He said the rising graph of unemployment along with rising inflation remains a cause for concern. The educated youth of the country has been forced to wander from door to door in search of employment in government and non-government sectors, Congress leader alleged.

He said that seeing the bleak future of the youth of the country, who have fallen prey to the dreams of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, their parents are getting frustrated.

Congress leader alleged that the BJP government at the Center is applauding the scheme by making the future of the youth in dark by making a provision of providing jobs for only four years under the Agniveer scheme to the youth, who are carrying the spirit of service in the army uniform.

Congress leader Sapan Sood said that due to the repressive policies of the government, an atmosphere of resentment has started growing in the country against the present government. Seeing the sinking ship of the BJP, many senior BJP leaders along with their supporters want to join the Congress party.

Making the claim, Congress spokesperson Sapan Sood said that the morale of the Congress workers is at the peak due to the strong leadership of the State Congress in order to politically destroy the BJP in the state.


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