Delhi L-G slams CM Kejriwal over water scheme issue

New Delhi, Feb 29 : Delhi Lt Governor V.K. Saxena on Thursday hit out at Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, saying he has not addressed any of the core issues raised pertaining to the so-called ‘Water Scheme’.

The dispute over the matter escalated with Saxena’s open letter on Wednesday, lambasting Kejriwal’s response to the matter.

Saxena’s letter, a pointed reminder of past confrontations, highlighted “derogatory remarks” previously made by Kejriwal and his party members against the L-G.

The fresh letter on Thursday recounted instances where Kejriwal and his colleagues denigrated Saxena, questioning his authority and integrity.

Drawing attention to the lack of substantive engagement on the ‘Water Scheme,’ Saxena criticised Kejriwal for sidestepping crucial concerns raised by the L-G.

“Your letter, received late last night, compelled me to revisit the past and recollect statements made by you and your colleagues in the government and the party. Allow me to recount a few for your reference,” the L-G said in the letter.

“Where did this L-G come from… Who is this L-G, where did he come from… What L-G for what matter… Who is this L-G… Who is the Lt. Governor… He’s come and seated himself on our heads, the Lt. Governor…” (While you may recall these remarks made in the Delhi Assembly, the tone and intensity cannot be fully conveyed on paper),” the L-G highlighted.

“Delhi’s L-G Saxena involved in a Rs 1,400 crore scam… as said by Atishi. L-G Saxena exposed… engaged in corruption during demonetization, said by Saurabh Bhardwaj,” Saxena mentioned in the letter.

The L-G said that “it is evident that you and your colleagues were cautioned by the Delhi High Court for defamatory statements against me. I have also been informed of your remarks in the Vidhan Sabha”.

Despite the extensive seven-page reply from Kejriwal, L-G Saxena lamented the absence of any meaningful discussion on the proposed scheme or resolution of pertinent issues.

Of particular concern to Saxena was the apparent neglect of honest consumers who have diligently paid water bills since 2012.

He underscored the absence of reimbursement plans for these consumers, expressing bewilderment at Kejriwal’s silence on the matter.

Moreover, Saxena highlighted systemic failures within the Delhi Jal Board (DJB), questioning the efficacy of Kejriwal’s governance over the past nine years.

He also criticised the CM’s administration for its alleged mismanagement, citing instances of inflated bills, faulty water meters, and deteriorating public services.

Addressing Kejriwal’s accusations of stalled projects under his tenure, Saxena reiterated that such matters fell within the CM’s jurisdiction.

He urged Kejriwal to reflect on his leadership approach and collaborate for the betterment of Delhi’s residents.

In conclusion, Saxena emphasised the need for collective action and urged Kejriwal to prioritise the city’s welfare over political posturing.

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