‘Enemies’ in Bengal, ‘friends’ in Delhi: PM Modi tears into Trinamool-Congress-Left

Kolkata, April 4 : Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Thursday that the Congress, Trinamool Congress, and the Left parties are ‘enemies’ in West Bengal, but ‘friends’ in Delhi.

Addressing a mega election rally at Cooch Behar in West Bengal, the Prime Minister said, “The opposition’s politics is based on nothing but falsehood. In West Bengal, the Congress, Trinamool Congress, and the Left parties are fighting against each other, but in Delhi, they are sharing food from the same plate.”

PM Modi also said that the latest example of the opposition’s ‘politics of falsehood’ is related to the recent notification on the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA).

“The BJP government has brought the CAA as it gives a guarantee for citizenship to all the genuine citizens. My only appeal to the people of West Bengal is don’t get scared by the falsehood propagated by the Trinamool Congress and the Left parties. You have seen the work I did in the last 10 years. So, I request you to have faith in my guarantee,” the Prime Minister said.

PM Modi also said that the good work done by his government in the past 10 years was just the ‘trailer’.

“A lot of things are still to be achieved for which a strong government is required at the Centre. And only the BJP can provide a strong government at the Centre. Only the BJP can elevate India as the third largest economy in the world,” the Prime Minister said.

He also said that often the opposition parties claim that he does not have a family of his own.

“But today I want to tell all of you that India is my family, and each citizen of the country is my family member. That is why we have accomplished so much in the past 10 years. And we could do that because our intention was honest,” the Prime Minister said.

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