Noida Supertech Twin Towers to be demolished on August 21

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Noida, July 20 : Supertech’s twin towers in Noida Sector 93 (A) will be demolished on August 21.

On Tuesday, a meeting was held between Noida Authority and Edifice Engineering company in which people from the apartment association were included.

Edifice Engineering has submitted a report in which it said the twin towers will be demolished at 2.30 p.m. on August 21.

During the meeting, Edifice Engineering provided information about preparations for demolishing the towers — What has been done and what is left.

Holes are being drilled in the pillars of the tower to plant explosives to demolish them.

Holes are being drilled in pillars located on 11 primary and seven secondary floors of each tower. The pillars are wrapped in gio fibre cloth.

Only nine pillars are left on which holes have to be drilled. Directions have been given to complete the wrapping of the pillars within three days.

From August 2-20, explosives will be placed in the holes made by drilling. CCTV cameras will be installed in the building.

After placing the explosives, entry to the building will be restricted to only Edifice employees.

The Pollution Control Board and Noida Authority have decided that to prevent the dust from reaching Emerald Court and ATS Village post-blast, an iron sheet would be placed between the twin towers, whose height will be decided by July 30.

Edifice engineering said it has submitted all documents to the police for getting a no objection certificate from them and are likely to get it this week.

A meeting will also be held with National Disaster Response Force which will discuss all safety aspects when
the towers will be demolished.

The Supreme Court had ordered the demolition of the twin towers on August 31, 2021 as they have been built in violation of construction bylaws.


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