PM Modi offers prayers at Ujjain Mahankali temple in Hyderabad

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Hyderabad, Mar 5 : On the second day of his Telangana visit, Prime Minister Narendra Modi sought blessings at the Ujjain Mahankali Temple in Secunderabad on Tuesday.

Upon arrival, he received a warm welcome from the priests and officials, subsequently performing a special pooja by offering silk vastrams to the goddess.

Following the darshan, PM Modi received blessings from the temple priests and was presented with the goddess’s portrait and cloth.

In anticipation of Modi’s visit, tight security measures have been implemented in the surrounding areas of Secunderabad.

Later, the Prime Minister departed for Begumpet Airport after the temple visit, from where he will fly to Sangareddy by helicopter.

Numerous development programs are scheduled for inauguration in Sangareddy, followed by a public meeting organized in Patancheru.

Post his Telangana tour, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is set to depart for Orissa, as per official sources.

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