Tripura govt deploys forensic experts & speed radar guns to curb road accident

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Agartala, Mar 5 : To curb road traffic accidents, Tripura Chief Minister Dr Manik Saha apprised the assembly on Tuesday that the state government has undertaken a series of measures, including deploying forensic experts at accident sites to investigate the cause of the accident scientifically.

Expressing concern over the growing incidences of road traffic accidents, the Chief Minister said the government would press at least 20-speed radar guns and 8 interceptor vehicles to promptly address violations of traffic rules and pointed out, “Overspeeding, overtaking, wrong turn, sudden stoppage on the road, defective roads, and flouting the traffic rules appear to be the main reasons for road accidents.”

He revealed that 16 accident-prone areas and 80 high-risk zones have been identified on the different roads and locations and communicated to the respective district police officers for immediate reforms to prevent vehicular accidents.

“Special operations have been initiated to analyse the causes, timing, types of vehicles, and road conditions of recently occurring accidents.”

‘The police have been holding regular meetings with the Public Works Department (PWD), Transport Department, NHIDCL, and other stakeholders at the state and district levels to develop ancillary infrastructure, including renovating roads, including national highways, and pavement shoulders on both sides of the roads,” he stated.

Dr Saha mentioned the decision to utilise modern tools such as road barrier trolleys, road divider corners, reflective tapes, signboards, and other special equipment to enhance traffic management.

“Enforcement drives, following the ‘Motor Vehicle Act,’ are being carried out regularly, with actions such as the confiscation of driving licenses and penalties against training institutes.”

The Chief Minister also highlighted joint operations between the police and transport departments in various parts of the state, involving local authorities and NGOs recruiting volunteers to assist in traffic control during peak hours.

Additionally, plans for road expansion and various reforms in response to the rising number of vehicles are underway.

In 2023, a total of 261 individuals lost their lives in road accidents in Tripura.

He further stated that the Tripura government has collected over Rs 31 crore in fines from more than 4 lakh people for violating traffic rules in the last three years.

In 2021–22, 38,891 people were fined for not wearing helmets, and 78,483 people were penalised for driving without valid vehicle documents.

In 2023–24, the figures were 57,515 and 90,894, respectively.

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