Poll analyst Pradeep Gupta clarifies on fake election survey attributed to Axis My India, to take legal action

New Delhi, April 19 : Pradeep Gupta, Axis My India Chairman and Managing Director (CMD) on Friday made a clarification on the fake opinion poll, conducted in its name and blamed the Opposition parties and vested interests for creating a needless controversy in the heat of elections.

Speaking to IANS, Axis My India CMD rubbished the ‘viral’ Opinion polls as fake and fabricated and informed that his company only conducts Exit polls and Post-poll studies and not Opinion polls.

Notably, a couple of pictures claiming to be Opinion poll from Axis My India circulated on the social media today, predicting a close contest between BJP-led NDA and Congress-led UPA. The fake opinion poll projected 243 seats for NDA and 242 seats for INDIA bloc.

Taking strong objection to the fake survey, he said that it was the handiwork of Opposition parties and accused them of doing it with a motive. He said that they were blatantly violating the rules and spreading canard to create a ‘favourable’ impression for themselves.

He also said that it was illegal and fraudulent act by the opposition parties for ‘electoral gains’ and for this, they were misusing the name of his polling agency.

“We will lodge a complaint with the cyber department and Election Commission, seeking action against the culprits,” Gupta told IANS.

He also informed that the image of opinion polls, labeled as Axis My India survey, started circulating on social media, last night.

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