PPBL demonstrates efficient resolution of customer issues within days

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New Delhi, Feb 29 : In the ever-evolving financial sector, Paytm Payments Bank Ltd. (PPBL) has shown a noteworthy commitment to customer satisfaction through the swift resolution of customer complaints.

During the fiscal year that ended on March 31, 2023, PPBL encountered a notable increase in customer complaints, receiving 66,751 complaints compared to 26,692 the previous year.

Despite the spike, the majority of these complaints, particularly the 39,000 related to internet and mobile banking, along with 8,974 concerning account openings and operational issues, were efficiently resolved within a brief period of 5-6 days.

This rapid response to customer grievances highlights PPBL’s dedication to maintaining trust and reliability among its user base, without necessarily focusing on its vast scale of operations or its growth trajectory.

Through its effective complaint resolution mechanism, PPBL continues to prioritise the banking experience of its customers, affirming its position in the digital banking landscape.

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