Delhi Toofans’ wins over Chennai Blitz shake up top-five battle

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Chennai, Mar 2 : Delhi Toofans stunned the home side Chennai Blitz on Friday night in the third Rupay Prime Volleyball League at the Jawaharlal Nehru Indoor Stadium here.

The Delhi outfit scored a crucial victory with 15-9, 15-13, 12-15, 19-17 margin.

Chennai’s errors from the service line allowed Delhi Toofans an early advantage. Santhosh dominated from Zone 4, and countered the home side with an aggressive showing. Douglas Bueno showcased moments of brilliance, while Leandro Jose’s blocks helped the Blitz. But Lazar Dodic’s involvement in the attacks, and Saqlain Tariq’s clever passing allowed Delhi to take the lead.

As Raman Kumar and Dhilip Kumar started threatening, Daniel Aponza came alive in the middle to block Chennai’s attacks. Dhilip’s Super Point kicked off Chennai’s resurgence, and Bueno continued firing from the right. But Lazar’s aggressive serves closed off the doors on Chennai and Delhi took complete control of the match.

Joel Benjamin and Raman provided Chennai attacking flare as the hosts found an opening. Chennai’s gamble to call for a super point paid dividend with Leandro’s blocks, and the momentum shifted. Dhilip’s smashes and Joel’s smart attacks troubled Delhi, but Dodic and Santhosh, helped on by libero Anand’s acrobatic receptions, found room to attack at the right time, and helped the Toofans to a thrilling win.

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