HC dismisses Delhi University’s plea against protests, deems it a police matter

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New Delhi, Feb 24 : The Delhi High Court has disposed of a petition from Delhi University concerning protests led by a former professor, at the North Campus.

Justice Subramonium Prasad said that the situation presented a law and order issue, which falls under the jurisdiction of the Delhi Police to address as per legal standards.

The court expressed its unwillingness to further pursue the matter at this stage, thereby disposing of the petition.

It was noted that the university has the option to file a complaint directly with the Commissioner of Police, who is then tasked to act based on the law and the specifics of the situation presented.

Delhi University had brought the plea, alleging that Dr. Ritu Singh, and her followers had commenced unauthorised occupation of land in front of Gate No. 4 of the Faculty of Arts, conducting protests and dharnas that disrupted the university’s operations.

The university sought intervention from the court to instruct the Commissioner of Delhi Police to ensure the uninterrupted and peaceful operation of the university and its associated colleges and departments.

Advocate Monika Arora, representing the university, informed the court that the protestors, led by Singh who is neither a current teacher, student, nor staff member, were essentially outsiders causing disruptions.

Justice Prasad, in response, pointed out the primary responsibility of the police in such matters and expressed reluctance to issue a directive (mandamus) for police action.

He stressed the significance of understanding the constitutional implications of arguing for judicial intervention in what is essentially a police duty.

The university’s plea stated how Dr. Singh’s activities not only hindered the accessibility of the university premises for students and officials but also involved defamation and threats towards the university’s officials, including the Vice-Chancellor.

Moreover, the plea accused Singh of defacing public property.

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